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I have tried to answer most commonly asked questions please if your question is not answered here feel free to contact us.



Q. Do you set up castles on Gravel , Concrete, Paving Slabs ?


A. For health and safety reasons all outside bookings MUST be on GRASS.

to ensure correct fixing of unit.


Q. What will happen if when you arrive the hired item will not fit.


A. You should check measurements on our web site and make sure gardens, walkways and gates are big enough to ensure safe delivery and set up.
Also check ceiling heights of venues
All unit sizes are on our website.

If access is restricted or unsafe for our drivers they reserve the right not to deliver and this will be at loss of deposit.


Q.How many children can go on at one time?


A. Each inflatable is different safe user numbers are stated on the safety panel on the front of the unit ~they are under 1.2 metres. The taller the children the fewer the users 
Also consider ensuring similar age groups at one time.


Q. Do i have to supply our own music to connect to the Disco Dome.


A. Yes you do as we do not have a music licence, can connect most devices though Blue Tooth or aux cable 


Q. What do i do if it rains?


A. If it’s a light shower its ok to leave the inflatable on. In the event of heavy rain first get the children off the inflatable and then switch off at the mains. Once the rain has stopped switch the unit back on and dry off with a towel. Don’t let the children go back on until the bouncing bed is dry to avoid slips and collisions. If you have hired the Disco Dome then please leave on at all times and if you have a thunder storm please unplug the two plugs on the back for the lights and speaker system our driver will show you how to do this before he leaves.


Q. What happens if a thunder storm is forecast.


A. If we at Kid of the Castle have not already arrived to setup, the booking will be cancelled and if a booking fee has been paid a refund will be made but this can take up to 7 working days to reach your account. If there is a storm expected during the hire once Kid of the Castle have been to setup we reserve the right to collect the castle if we think our equipment is at risk especially the Disco Dome as there are electric's running through the top of the castle.


Q. Do you set up the inflatable if it is windy?


A. No due to health and safety we can setup the inflatable in winds/gusts of up to a maximum wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale we will under no circumstance setup any inflatable if the wind speed is over 19 maw . Force 5 is a fresh breeze when small trees in leaf begin to sway, whereas Force 6 is a strong breeze when large branches are in motion and umbrellas can only be handled with difficulty.

If strong winds are forecast we will contact you the day before the hire and give you a chance to cancel or rearrange.


Q. If I have a problem during my hire what should I do ?


A. Contact :

07584134036 Bernadette 
07769 150067 Hayley 
07495 015393 Driver 

Kid of the Castle Ltd


Registered in England and Wales

company no 10306100

Names of directors can be obtained at registered head office at:

Innovation center

innovation way 

kings lynn 

PE30 5BY





Kid of the Castle are not associated or affiliated with any TV, Film or entertainment company.  Our look-a-like costumes are part of our own personal collection.  We do not claim to be original TV or Film character, simply LOOK-A-LIKES.  We do not sell to third parties or provide any official merchandise or costumes.

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